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University Teaching

In order to convey the methods and tools of the Digital Humanities, the BCDH offers different, target group-oriented course formats. These include semester-long courses for students of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities, intensive courses for young scholars, and practical exercises during the semester break. For this purpose, close cooperation is maintained with university research projects and with non-university partners such as museums and monument authorities in order to integrate research and teaching in the best possible way.  

Current Courses (WiSe 2022/23)

Geoinformationssysteme in der Archäologie

Practical Exercise (in German)

Dr. Matthias Lang

Vst.-Nr. 511030215

Von der Animation zum 3D-Modell

Practical Exercise (in German)

Dr. Matthias Lang

Vst.-Nr.  511030211

The human, the method and the tool

Seminar (in English)

Dr. Alexander Ermakov & Prof. Dr. Julia HiIlner

Vst.-Nr. 570001001

Anfänge der Geschichtsschreibung und Ethnographie -  Herodot und seine Welt

Lecture series

Dr. Alexander Ermakov  (Nov. 22.)

Vst.-Nr. 511050103

Digital Teaching Content

Via a YouTube channel, the BCDH offers introductions to various topics in the Digital Humanities, which accompany and complement the courses.

Previously Given Courses

Methoden der Fernerkundung, Vst.-Nr. 511030208 (Matthias Lang)

Virtual Reality in Archäologie und Kunstgeschichte, Vst.-Nr. 511030215 (Philippe Kluge)

Handling and use of databases and digitized data, Vst.-Nr. 570001002 (Alexander Ermakov)

Einführung in die Geoinformationssysteme, Vst.-Nr. 511030208 (Matthias Lang)

Einführung in die 3D-Systeme, Vst.-Nr. 511030215 (Philippe Kluge)

Von alten Daten zum LiDAR-Scan – landschaftsarchäologische Untersuchungen im Kreis Ahrweiler Vst.-Nr. 511030208 (Matthias Lang)

Geoinformationssysteme in der Archäologie, Vst.-Nr. 511030208 (Matthias Lang)

3D-Technologien in der Archäologie Vst.-Nr.  511030209 (Matthias Lang) 

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