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Advice, Support and Cooperation
Competences of the BCDH


If you have questions about any of the topics, need advice or assistance with a research project or a grant application, please feel free to contact us.



We are happy to advise you on the use of digital tools and methods in research projects in the humanities. In addition to the selection of suitable tools, this also includes questions of research data management. 

Solution-oriented consulting on planned digital data acquisition and analysis in ongoing research projects.

Consulting during the planning phase of research projects. Discussion of ideas for incorporating digital solution approaches into humanities project proposals.

Consulting on the long-term and sustainable management of your research data during and after the project phase in close cooperation with the Research Data Service Center.


BCDH provides direct support in the application of a broad portfolio of digital methods and tools in a wide variety of research projects.

BCDH has extensive expertise in non-destructive and sustainable digital documentation of material cultural heritage using innovative methods of 3D acquisition and remote sensing.


Integration of existing programs or application of different data acquisition devices to solve research questions.

Code adaptation of existing databases or integration into open-source software for different programming languages.


Integration of generated 3D spaces in teaching and research projects.





Services for which additional scientific staff for long term involvement is required.

Digital solutions for research projects in the humanities.


Extensive, long time involvement to realize new and innovative ideas.


Realization of new software or other digital products.


Competence Building

in methodological and technical issues of the Digital Humanities

Upon request, BCDH can organize introductions to specific software or applications of databases within its capabilities.

Upon request, BCDH can organize method-oriented workshops on the use of specific software, various recording devices, or the construction of data infrastructure, within the limits of its possibilities.

On a regular basis, BCDH offers courses for students (and university staff) to introduce them to geoinformation systems, remote sensing methods, or THE use of databases.

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