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Urban Influence on the Mongolian Plateau
Interdependencies of Urbanism, Economy and Environment
Operationally managed by Prof. Dr. Dr. Jan Bemmann, a new research group (FOR 5438) funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG) was established at the University of Bonn in 2023. Entitled "Urban Influence on the Mongolian Plateau: Interdependencies of Urbanism, Economy and Environment", the project aims to investigate the ruins of two cities from the time of the Mongolian Empire (1206-1368) and their influence on the surrounding area. These cities are the famous imperial capital of Karakorum and the ruins of Khar Khul Khaany Balgas, which are only known from archaeological sources.
The BCDH is involved in the research group with the sub-project "Virtual Landscape and Multispectral Survey" and is researching the applicability of drone-based remote sensing methods in Mongolia. In addition to the creation of multispectral orthophotos, the aim is also to digitally reconstruct entire landscape areas using Structure from Motion (SFM). This should produce detailed plans of the city ruins and reveal previously unknown structures within and around the sites.


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