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Project Management: Prof. Dr. Karoline Noack; Prof. Dr. Birgit Ulrike Münch

Researchers: Alma Hannig (Collections Coordination), Elizabeth Stauss (Project Coordination); Carlos Pallan Gayol (IT); Edouard Grigowski (IT); 

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The TRA Present Pasts funded project "Open Museum for Open Science" - digital platform of the museums and collections of the University of Bonn as Heritage - is being developed as part of the University's Excellence Strategy. The main aim of the project is to make the university's collections digitally accessible for research and teaching, thereby enhancing transparency. With the platform as an infrastructure, knowledge about the collections will be made accessible on the one hand, while enabling participation of diverse stakeholder groups in the production of knowledge. For this purpose, the data of the university collections in Bonn will be stored in a system which, on the one hand, allows a contemporary presentation and communication according to industry standards and, on the other hand, an improved analysis of the contents. The project will also lay the foundations for a sustainable and viable future concept for the digitization of museums and collections as a whole and their valorization as infrastructures for research and teaching.

Open Museum

The Open Museum project is implementing a digital platform for the museums and collections of the University of Bonn. The goal is to make the collections accessible for research and teaching as well as for the general public. The various interests of the users should be the focus and starting point for the development of the platform. This is intended to be a digital space for exhibitions and offers on current issues and topics, inviting people here in Bonn but also worldwide to engage with the collections.


Accessibility and transparency are an important basis for enabling work and research with the objects in the collections. They also enable the participation of interested groups and individuals who have not previously had access to the objects and are therefore an important part of the democratization of knowledge. In practical terms, this means that as many people as possible in our society have access to knowledge and can participate in the production of new knowledge. Participation and involvement in research with the objects and collections also brings new forms of knowledge into the collection work.

The Open Museum aims to connect collections, science, and people around the world and encourage new research. Digitization enables collections, museums and disciplines to connect with each other. This allows us to better understand, from today's perspective, how individual collections came to be, where they came from, and why they got here. Each discipline asks its own questions about the objects and collections. Networking gives rise to inter- and transdisciplinary research that allows for new questions. It also generates new collaborations for working with museums and interested groups worldwide.


The potential users and target groups of the Open Museum include researchers, students and teachers of the University of Bonn, the staff of the University of Bonn, but also other universities, museums, educational and cultural institutions. The Open Museum wants to address a global audience, starting from citizens of Bonn, to students, to copyright societies all around the world.

Next steps:

Establishment of new digital platforms and database systems, initially for the collections of the Bonn Ancient American Collections and the Egyptian Museum.


Project Management:
Prof. Dr. Karoline Noack
Department of Ancient American Studies and Ethnology
Oxfordstrasse 15
53111 Bonn
Tel: +49 228 73 4414
E-mail: knoack@uni-bonn.de

Prof. Dr. Birgit Ulrike Münch
Art History Institute of the University of Bonn
Rabinstrasse 8
53111 Bonn
E-mail: bmuench@uni-bonn.de
+49 228 73-7732

Collection Coordination:
Alma Hannig
E-mail: hannig@verwaltung.uni-bonn.de
Tel: +49 228 73 4339

IT, digital resources and infrastructure:
Dr. des. Carlos Pallan Gayol
Edouard Grigowski
(see contact information to the right or below)

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