Universität Bonn

Bonn Center for Digital Humanities

Book publication Ancient Egypt, New Technology with contribution by BCDH

Book chapter in: Ancient Egypt, New Technology - The Present and Future of Computer Visualization, Virtual Reality and Other Digital Humanities in Egyptology

BCDH participation at the TeRAbytes workshop

Presentation of NFDI4Objects and Poster regarding the Open Museum Project

Beyond Inca roads

The Research Article published in "Antiquity" deals with deep-time transformations of dependency and mobility plus more! It was published by BCDSS' Christian Mader, former BCDSS Heinz Heinen Fellow David G. Beresford-Jones, Matthias Lang of the BCDH and more colleagues of Argentina, Peru, UK and Germany.

Research Cooperation NFDI4Objects is starting

Funding of the National Research Data Infrastructure

Annual Report 2021 (in German)

Overview of BCDH activities in the year 2021

Timeless Arctic

Surveying and digital documentation of archaeological sites on Svalbart

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