Universität Bonn

Bonn Center for Digital Humanities

26. January 2024

Multilingual Metashape Tutorial (DE, EN, ES, FR) Multilingual Metashape tutorial to create photogrammetric 3D models

25 minute video (in 2 parts) to produce a photogrammetric 3D model

The videos with multilingual commentary are intended as an aid to independently carrying out a complete workflow for generating a digital 3D model.

BCDH has created an instructional video for the international research community to create three-dimensional digital models from photogrammetric data using Metashape. The video has been translated from German into English, Spanish and French. The full length video offers a walkthrough to follow the complete work flow step by step independently.

German: Part 1, Part 2

English: Part 1, Part 2

French: Part 1, Part 2

Spanish: Part 1, Part 2

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