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26. November 2022

Publication: Virtual reconstruction of a Svalbard coal mine (in German) Article on the virtual reconstruction of a coal mine on Svalbard

New article by team members of the BCDH

Advent City
Advent City © Matthias Lang, Philipp Kluge
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A full 3D model of the abandoned Advent City coal mine was developed from old photographs and new laser scans, showing the British mine at the time of its operation in the early 20th century.

Lang, M., Kluge, P., Kruse, F., and Rosenkranz, V.: Advent City: die Rekonstruktion einer untergegangenen Siedlung in der virtuellen Realität, Polarforschung, 90, 49–61, https://doi.org/10.5194/polf-90-49-2022, 2022.

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